Our Process

Our objective is simple – provide the best possible candidates and manage the interview logistics for our clients.

  1. Define – Work with the client to understand the specific need. We will outline search criteria such as compensation, geography, education, experience, district culture, and other candidate characteristics that are important.
  2. Source – This is where CSI is different. We don’t just search our database or review candidates who have applied; we also go after the passive candidates who may not be actively looking but who fit the criteria our clients define.
  3. Schedule and Logistics – This is where the work begins. Our assistants set up phone screens, face-to-face interviews, field rides, follow up discussions, and whatever else makes our clients’ jobs easier.
  4. Interview Debrief – Following every interview we debrief and decide whether more candidates are necessary and what is next in the process.
  5. Closing – We try to eliminate surprises that can come with the offer stage – everything from salary negotiations to competitive offers.

Positions We Place:


  • Vice President
  • Area Vice President
  • Director
  • Regional/District Manager
  • Territory Manager
  • Account Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Clinical Specialist
  • Manager